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detergent manufacturing plant

Detergent Manufacturing Plants

Detergent Processing Plant

Detergent Processing Plant

CEE Engineering Pvt. Ltd. offers complete state of art technology for detergent powder processing plant and detergent powder plant and manufacturing technology for detergent allied products like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Alfa Olefin Sulfonate (AOS), Optical Brightening Agents (OBA), Linear Alkyl Benzyl Sulphonate (LABSA), Sodium Silicate, Sodium Tri-polyphosphate (STPP) etc..

We are a well-established manufacturer and exporter of detergent processing plant and detergent powder plant that helps in carrying out the processes like detergent slurry formulation, slurry preparation, spray drying and pneumatic conveying systems that are extensively used in variety of washing powders, detergents, soaps, surface active agents etc.

Process Technology


Detergent powder falls into four major groups:
  • Heavy duty detergents (high and low foaming)
  • Light duty detergents
  • Phosphate free detergent powder
  • Fabric soft detergent powder
Detergent formulations essentially consists of :
  • Active ingredients
  • STPP
  • Filler (e.g. Sodium sulphate)
  • Silicate
Normal active ingredients used for detergents are linear alkyl benzyl sulphonates.

COMP provides entire technical know-how starting from formulation to final packing of the dried detergent powder.

Detergent Slurry Formulation
Detergent Powder Plant


In detergent processing plant, the detergent powder are normally produced batchwise or continuously.

The plant layout for detergent formulations consists of a feed-preparation section (automatic feeding, proportioning and mixing) feed pumping to the nozzle atomizer, dried- powder conveying and dosing, followed by thorough blending, screening and packaging.

Linear alkyl benzene sulphonate paste, is metered into a slurry preparation tank together with metered sodium silicate solution, and solid phosphates, sulphates and additives. The slurry preparation tank acts as a coarse mixer. Here lumps are broken down and air pockets are eliminated. Materials after blending are conveyed to an ageing vessel.

Mixing is carefully controlled to prevent aeration of the slurry. Feed slurry passes through a coarse filter, homogenizer and fine filter. Deaeration of product is carried out if necessary. The slurry of constant solid content and viscosity is ready for spray drying. The handling of product in the feed treatment section plays a large role in the quality of the dried product (e.g. granulation, degree of fines, etc.)

Slury Preperation
Slurry Preparation System for
Detergent Powder Plant


Free flowing, non dusty, non caking detergent products in bead form are produced by Spray Drying mostly in counter current flow using pressure nozzle atomization.

Inlet temperatures vary according to product and upto 400°C inlet temperatures are used for some detergents. Hot air from direct fired air heaters is used for Spray Drying. Exhaust high efficiency cyclones / bag houses are used to control emissions and maximize product recovery are part of the spray drying plant. CEE offers stand alone spray drying plants on turnkey basis.

Detergent Spray Drying
Spray Drying System for Detergent Powder


The dried detergent powder is pneumatically conveyed from the Spray Dryer to the product silos after sieving. Here filtered atmospheric air is used as the cooling & conveying media. Dense phase conveying systems are normally preferred.

The detergent product from the silo is then blended along with the perfume in a continuous mixer after which it is packed.

Pneumatic Conveying, Perfuming and Packings
Pneumatic Conveying System for Detergent Powder

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